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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Studying in UK We are glad to assist you in your search for information on
Higher Eduaction in the United Kingdom. We strongly suggest you apply to any
of the institutions mentioned below through the UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ADMISSIONS

UCAS has some of the best higher education programmes in the world and an attractive, exciting and stimulating environment to study in. UCAS can help you decide where and what to study and how to apply because its main purposes are:

1. To process applications to UK universities and colleges for full-time first degree, Higher National Diploma (HND), Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) programmes. Applications for part-time courses, distance learning and other courses should be made directly to the institutions.

2. To provide advice and information, through paper publications and electronic media on all aspects of access to higher education in the UK.
UCAS offers some significant advantages for international students.
All UK universities and most colleges of higher education are members of UCAS and are recognised by the UK Government, or offer courses that are validated by Government-recognised universities.
UCAS is the only impartial centre with up-to-date information about higher education courses, universities and colleges.
You complete only one application form for up to six different courses.
UCAS has regular contact with admissions staff and is familiar with their requirements
UCAS monitors the progress of your application from start to finish.

Study Abroad Many students choose to spend one or two semesters abroad during
their undergraduate studies at Cal. The MB department may accept up to two appropriate
courses from abroad toward the MB upper division major requirements. With careful
early planning, it is possible to go abroad and still graduate in eight or nine
semesters. Information on programs abroad is available at: Eduaction Abroad
Office 160 Stephens Hall

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Foreign Education Centre ®

Foreign Education Centre® is always here to help the students to gain their Education throughout the world as well as to prevent the exploitation of their fees. We direct the students towards standard intuitions in the world so that they could brighten their future.
Foreign Education Centre® is an Authorized students recruitment agency, declared by it’s listed institutions around the world and is Registered with the Department of Registration of the Govt.

Free Consultancy for UK

Foreign Education Centre doesn’t charge any consultancy fee from the students who want to go for studies to the UK.
The students are only required to fulfill the basic requirements for the admissions, which may include a minor registration fee of the Institute.
We prepare the whole application for admission without any cost.
The students are required to provide the required documents, the registration fee of the Institute, and the copy of Demand draft if they want the special admission letters.
We charge our consultancy fee when our prepared students succeed to get visa.

Education in Australia.
Australia is a very popular destination for international students where now there are over 120,000 students studying in Australian universities and colleges.
Foreign Students.
Foreign students’ percentage is growing day by day in Australian Educational Institutions and now it has crossed over 14% of all the students studying in Australia. As students and parents find too the many advantages of choosing Australia. More over Australia is providing Education of a very high standard, accepted and respected throughout the world.
Australian education is also too expensive for foreigners as well as they are permitted to do part time work.
Australia offers a safe and friendly environment - with low level of crime Australia is one of the safest countries in the world to study.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Get Free education In Europe

See the right hand Info for more informations about studying abroad.

Hi Dear,
There are lots of opportunities for getting free education in Europe,
as thousands of scholarships are wasted because of only unawareness.
There are lots of links you can find your courses in Germany,
Holland, Sweden. The education is free.
Get free information from highly experts online it’s free as well.
With thanks,

Study & Work

Now there are lot of opputunities for the students to get their Education as well as they can earn handsome amount of money in some countries like UK accordig to their Rules.

Foreign Education

Why choose Australia as the preferred overseas study destination? Australia now has over 200 000 international students from over 140 countries around the world enrolled in any given year over a wide range of disciplines and at every level of education, from short-term English courses through to post-doctoral research.What Types of Education Can You Study in Australia?Senior Secondary EducationMost international students enter the Australian school system in the final two years of high school, Years 11 and 12. Successful completion of these two years prepares students for further study at technical institutes or universities in Australia.Australia offers English language training at institutions located across the country. Some are private English colleges; others are attached to Government-funded technical institutions and universities. Most of the institutions featured on this site are NEAS (National English Accreditation System) accredited. This is a guarantee of quality, both of the English courses offered and the services and facilities available to students.EducationAustralian universities offer a world-class education across all disciplines and a full range of academic awards from Bachelor degrees to Doctorates and post-doctoral research. There are 40 universities, 38 public and two private. They have between them 180 campuses, most in the capital cities and suburbs, some in big regional cities.Click here for more information about .MBA Programs in AustraliaThe Masters of Business Administration (MBA) has become the graduate degree of choice, for ambitious executives wanting to improve their qualifications, or for students progressing directly from an undergraduate qualification wishing to add to their career prospectsVocational Education and Training (VET)A wide range of career training options is available to students at private Vocational Education and Training (VET) colleges. Typically they offer courses from Certificate to Diploma level, providing a practical 'hands-on' approach to teaching. Many VET providers offer pathways to study at Australian universities.Technical and Further Education (TAFE)Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is the Australian Government-funded vocational and technical training sector, and provides a very strong practical focus. Many teachers are employed in the field they teach, bringing the latest professional and technical expertise to the classroom. Almost all TAFE institutes offer pathways to study at Australian universities. Foundation Studies and Bridging ProgramsFor international students, Foundation Studies courses and Bridging Programs provide an ideal pathway to undergraduate study at universities in Australia. Foundation Studies courses were introduced to meet the needs of overseas students from different countries and educational backgrounds.Study Abroad and ExchangeAustralia is a popular destination for Study Abroad and Exchange students, mainly from Europe and North America. Students come for single or (often extended to) double semester (full year) programs, gaining academic credit toward their degrees back home.